Android Gallery Sorter

Project Name: Android Gallery Sorter
Years: 2011
Language: Java (Android 2.2+)
Status: Released

Android Gallery Sorter Screenshot

By default, the standard Android gallery organizes photos in folders and sorts them by date, from the most recent to the oldest. There's no way to change this sorting, and this sticks out when you use some external tool to add, rename or move photos around the gallery folders.

When you do this, although photos are chronologically sorted, it's not the acquisition date that is used for sorting, but the last modified date taken from the filesystem, so some pictures might appear where they don't belong. AGS tries to fix this problem by checking that all files in the gallery have the same value set as last modified date and their EXIF acquisition date (if available).

This way, in many cases, it's possible to recover the right sorting, straight from the phone.

Disclaimer The app was written and tested in 2011 on Android 2.2. There are good chances that it does not work on more recent Android versions. You can download the APK using this link, but remember to enable installing apps from untrusted sources, or the phone will refuse to install the package.