Project Name: GN³
Years: 2005
Language: mIRC script
Status: Ended

GN³ was my Christmas present for a few classmates in high school in 2005. At the time, MP3 players were all the rage and practically everybody got one either for their birthday or for Christmas. Some people (including me) had those basic models where you just have multimedia controls on it, but some had tiny LCD screens where the title of the song was displayed.

Since most of the MP3 files in those players came from other players of some other friend, the vast majority of them was missing ID3 tags, so the MP3 players' screens could not really show anything meaningful.

This, plus the fact that for some reason I am passionate about reordering and tagging stuff (although, not when it comes to my desk, or my house), I decided to write a tiny ID3 tag editor.

GN³ was a mIRC script, but the main mIRC window was completely hidden upon starting, and just my custom dialogs opened when launching the application. On first execution, a wizard allowed the user to choose the folder of the music library on the pc and select the MP3 player drive letter. In addition to editing ID3 tags, it was also possible to sync the music folder contents with the MP3 flash memory.

Screenshot Wizard GN³ Screenshot Wizard GN³ Screenshot main GN³ dialog