Project Name: GNirc
Years: 2003-2007
Language: mIRC script
Status: Ended

Together with Tavoletta, GNirc was the longest hobby project I more or less continuously worked on. GNirc was born after an incident that taught me that there isn't such thing as "too often" for backups. The name GNirc has no particular meaning, excluding the last three characters that have to do with IRC: I just liked the sound of it.

GNirc is a mIRC script with a good selection of features: it was the first italian script to support emoticons, to integrate a web browser and a security check against malicious scripts. It was reviewed on various italian websites about IRC and got some good reputation. A few lamers and rippers (as they were called back then) also got interested in it and copied some code to bring some of GNirc's features to their scripts: in retrospective, this was the sign that it was a good mIRC script.

Since its development lasted about 3 years, there are portions of it that were written early on and that required some additional work by the end of its life. Some of them were rewritten towards the late GNirc years and were released as an update, thanks to the self-update mechanism that was built-in to the script. These rewritten portions include the music player, that supported instant search inside the MP3 folder (a feature that was not even yet part of Windows back then!) the new nick list and improved away system. Additionally, GNirc supported a theme system that allowed to change the window colors, backgrounds, text colors and sound effects, but since I never bothered to write any documentation for it, just a couple of themes were ever released.

GNirc 2

Gnirc 2

GNirc 3

Gnirc 3

GNirc PRO (Beta 4)

Gnirc pro beta 4 blu theme Gnirc pro beta 4 blu theme Gnirc pro beta 4 yellow theme Gnirc pro beta 4 red theme Gnirc pro beta 4 green theme


Gnirc PRO status window, start menu, channel and friend list Gnirc PRO browser, music player, protection settings

GNirc R

Gnirc R Gnirc R automatic updates Gnirc R away system Gnirc R music player Gnirc R query blocker