Messenger Italia

Project Name: Messenger Italia
Years: 2006-2012
Language: PHP
Status: Ended

Messenger Italia was birth to fill a void in the Italian blogosphere, that was lacking a reference website for MSN / Windows Live Messenger updates. Although this was a relatively niche topic, there was a moment in time around the year 2000 when MSN, soon to be Windows Live Messenger, was an instant messaging service widespread in Italy and in the rest of the world. Many English speaking websites existed that talked about the news around this software, new features and releases, custom profile pictures or plugins, but there was no major Italian-speaking website on the topic. Messenger Italia set as its goal to be just that, and it did it not only with news articles, but also helping out users in fixing their issues with the software, providing solutions to a variety of error codes that the various versions of MSN / Windows Live Messenger would occasionally throw.

The community was never too chatty, but the forum peaked at a few thousand users, most of which sought help to fix their odd errors, or that wanted to access the download section.