Miranda Updater

Project Name: Miranda Updater
Years: 2011
Language: AutoIT Script
Status: Released

Miranda Updater comes from a friend's suggestion. At the time, we were both using Miranda IM, a multi-protocol instant messaging client for Windows. Miranda was very customizable and had a lot of features. It was handy, light and under heavy development. It was not uncommon to see multiple updates released for it in just a few days, however it did not have a self-update mechanism, but only an update checker. At every start, it would check its server and prompt the user to manually download and install the next version.

Since doing the same thing over and over quickly becomes tedious, I listened to my friend's advice and built Miranda Updater. It is a wrapper scripts that when launched, in turn starts the Miranda IM application and waits for a few minutes in case the update dialog appears. If this happens, it replaces the "Download" button with a new "Download & Upgrade" one, that not only downloads the newer version, but also starts the setup utility using default settings, updating the already existing Miranda version.

Miranda IM update dialog Miranda IM update dialog with Miranda Updater