Project Name: GNsis
Years: 2005
Language: mIRC script
Status: Ended

In 2005 I had a shiny new Nokia 6260 and I spent way too much time playing around with its Symbian OS, by constantly looking for new applications and themes, as I always liked customizing my devices. Soon enough I started bundling together system themes, custom fonts, sounds and backgrounds into single packages.

To do so I learned how to use the command line tool Nokia developed to generate .sis installation files, and decided to write a program to streamline the creation of the .pkg configuration files that guided it operations.

So GNsis was born, taking the name from Nullsofts' NSIS and with the G prefix that brought me luck with GNirc.

Also, since I really didn't know any programming language but mIRC scripts, I wrote it in this scripting language: it was a complete mIRC client that just hid its main window on start and only displayed the custom dialogs I had developed. It looked like a wizard where the various .pkg sections were defined through user input, where the user could select which files to install and where, in addition to adding user prompts and starting other bundled .sis installation packages.

GNsis wizard step 1 screenshot GNsis wizard step 2 screenshot GNsis wizard step 3 screenshot GNsis wizard step 4 screenshot GNsis wizard step 5 screenshot